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Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart albums at Magnatune

  • American Baroque : Mozart 4 Quartets for Strings and Winds : Spectacular Baroque and Classical chamber music
  • Andy Findon : Classical Melodies on Saxophone : Virtuoso flute and piccolo performances by top London musician
  • The Bach Players : Bach arranging and arranged : baroque instrumental and vocal gems
  • Seth Carlin : Mozart in the Age of Enlightenment : fortepiano music from the early 1800s
  • Daniel Estrem : The Classical Period on Ukulele and Guitar : colorful classical guitar
  • Kim Ribeiro : Diverso Universo : brazilian contemporary and traditional flute
  • Vito Paternoster : Sergio Azzolini and Vito Paternoster play Mozart and Haydn : cellist extraordinaire
  • Romualdo Barone : Famous Pieces for Clarinet and Piano : Classical solo clarinet
  • Romualdo Barone : Serenata for Solo Clarinet : Classical solo clarinet
  • Sports football betting app : Mozart Klavier Trios : classical chamber music on period instruments