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VSTRS: An arty thump of melody and bombast.

VSTRS began in 2013 as an outlet for improv and collaboration between like-minded Detroit area musicians. Michael O'Connor and Zach Pliska had come from the recently defunct Fur and Eric Myers from the current band Warhorses.

Over sessions in the summer/fall of that year they developed an organic, drum-centric approach and an interest in utilizing both space and aggression within songs. David Sovey and Katie Galazka joined in after a few months to expand the sound and explore a live set.

The quintet spent studio time in 2014 recording and producing their initial LP and have since been described as 'a heady outfit with an equal penchant for both melody and bombast'. Visitors don't seem to follow convention too closely and tend to defy the sometimes gloomy haze of psych rock; instead they lean towards the more cinematic nature of art-rock.

You can find out more about VSTRS on their bandcamp page.


[Pandemonium Seesaw by VSTRS]

Pandemonium Seesaw



VSTRS lives in Michigan, USA.

Tagged as: Alt Rock, Rock, Classic rock, Grungy Rock, Instrumental, Prog Rock.

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