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Voices of Music: Lilting renaissance & baroque vocal interpretations .

Voices of Music in which each musician has a voice.

Based on the creative vision of directors David Tayler and Hanneke van Proosdij, Voices of Music features the finest musicians in Early Music today. Performances are one-on-a-part, and the interpretation, style and ornamentation of the music are all based on the original sources of the time. Our latest album, Sports football betting appConcerto Barocco, showcases the virtuoso concertos of Bach, Corelli and Vivaldi. Our Bach and Telemann album is a collection of exciting ensemble and solo music, including works for recorder and viola da gamba. An Evening with Bach presents some of Bach's best known arias interwoven with short instrumental works.

Voices of Music's next recording will be the first volume of the Bach Sonatas for Violin and Harpsichord with Carla Moore, baroque violin, and Hanneke van Proosdij, harpsichord.

At the forefront of technology, Voices of Music records using special techniques that capture every detail of the music, and, in addition, is the first Early Music Ensemble to regularly broadcast their concerts in High Definition Video over the internet.

"Splendidly colorful and imaginative."
- San Francisco Classical Voice

  Voices of Music

[An Evening With Bach by Voices of Music]

An Evening With Bach

[Bach and Telemann - Sonatas, Preludes and Fantasias by Voices of Music]

Bach and Telemann - Sonatas, Preludes and Fantasias

[JS Bach Violin Sonatas by Voices of Music]

JS Bach Violin Sonatas

[Concerto Barocco by Voices of Music]

Concerto Barocco

[In a Garden So Green, Lute Music of Scotland by Voices of Music]

In a Garden So Green, Lute Music of Scotland

Voices of Music lives in California, USA.

Tagged as: Classical, Chamber Music, Baroque, Classical Singing, Cello, Composer: Johann Christian Bach, Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach, Organ, Recorder, Violin.

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