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Vasily Boykov: Nature sounds and atmospheric sounds, perfect for relaxation.

Vasily Boykov - composer, musician and poet. For this name hides a huge universe of creative potential and irreconcilable principles of its implementation.

Vasily Boykov was born in the Russian city of Tver, 158 km from Moscow. His career started out pretty normal, like many young people of his age (12-13) Vasily began by learning the classical guitar. But with time he realized that the study of the works of many famous composers, stifled his creative energy.

"How can you call music replay of someone's compositions on study by notes?" he asked. In 2006 Vasily arrived at the law department of the Tver's branch Ministry of Internal Affairs, Moscow university of the Russian Federation, to a position of cadet. He enlist in the Combined orchestra of the Tverskaya garrison. Being on tuition, Vasily studies game on different musical instruments: from wind instruments and Russians national to modern synthesizers and computer modulators.

Then Vasily decides to experiment, look for the new side and finds them. He decides to connect some styles in a single whole: Ambient, New Age, Instrumental and Chill Out. In its compositions sides of all these musical directions are listened. Filling atmospheric sounding of ambient by live sounding of musical instruments and bass parties, adding various sounds of World around, Vasily found that "common ground" between spirituality and skill - immersion music. The easy enveloping sounding filled with various transitions with one stream forces to plunge into specially issued plot which author is the listener.

  Vasily Boykov

[Mystical Spirit by Vasily Boykov]

Sports football betting appMystical Spirit

[Quietude by Vasily Boykov]

Sports football betting appQuietude

[Relaxation techniques - 4 Elements by Vasily Boykov]

Sports football betting appRelaxation techniques - 4 Elements

Vasily Boykov lives in Kiev, Ukraine.

Tagged as: New Age, Ambient, Spa and relaxation.

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