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Toni Iniguez: Classical guitar and nature.

Classical guitar and Nature.

Those are the two inspirations for the work of Toni Iñiguez who has flown with classical guitar, has planned next to the violin, has dived with the cello and submerged with suggestive voices and sounds of his deep guitar.

Toni Iñiguez lives and works in the city Valencia, Spain, Europe, near the sea and surrounded by mountains and pine trees. Spanish classical guitar has formed part of his life since childhood and he has given it his full dedication. Toni studied classical guitar, piano and composition in conservatories in Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona.

In 1995 he founded the chamber group Puer Natus, through the which he unveiled his first compositions, performing in different cultural spaces, such as the Palau de la Musica de Valencia among others.

Toni Iñiguez has published several original works for classical guitar at the editorial Piles in Spain. From 1996, Toni developed an intense pedagogical teaching in the dissemination of classical guitar, as professor and department head of one of many conservatories in Valencia. He continues working on new compositions for guitar, inspired by Nature.

In his album Rain trip, the compositions relate to the hard journey of rain. Its a journey into the emotions of the author put into direct contact with forests, rivers, mountains and lakes. Toni Iñiguez, attempts to express and show the maximum beauty that is capable from the strings of the Spanish classical guitar and its sounds, made in a modern language, with touches of folk, jazz and classical music.

Thus are born songs such as sensations produced by the smells of the wet earth after rain, sounds made with the exceptional talents of violinist Lucia Marin (with whom he has worked for many years). On the song cloud, Toni Iñiguez flies over the tops of trees in a forest and he pays tribute the great master Johann Sebastian Bach, arranging his cantata and transforming the final into a primal ethereal beat. The album follows rain as you would hear, feel and smell following a dawn looking through the window to the distant mountains.

You can follow the latest on Toni's work and thoughts on his Sports football betting appwebsite (Spanish).

  Toni Iniguez

[Rain Trip by Toni Iniguez]

Rain Trip

[The Garden by Toni Iniguez]

The Garden

Toni Iniguez lives in Valencia, Spain.

Tagged as: New Age, Inspirational, Instrumental New Age, Acoustic Guitar.

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