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To Life!: Music as a journey through tribal landscapes, rhythmic dance, hypnotic trance..

The 3 members of OJOLO share a love for tribal, shamanic trance music, and the hypnotic dance rhythms from around the world.

OJOLO Is a multi-cultural trio; an Israeli goddess on Didjeridoo and percussion, an African/Asian man on djun djun drums, and a Greek/Canadian man on guitar and electronic loops. Together they produce a vibrant, trance/dance inducing tribal sound. The music is inspired by primal rhythms,and by the diverse traditions (North African, Middle Eastern, etc.) that band members bring to the stage and to the dance floor.

Influenced by the music of North and West Africa, the Middle East, the nomads and gypsies, as well as the rock, funk and dance music of the West, 'OJOLO' have created a fusion that is both fresh and familiar. One observer describes the music of 'OJOLO' as " music from our cellular memory..." Audiences become exuberant, inspired, and positively funky.

Each of the members of 'OJOLO' brings a unique charisma to the experience:
APOLLO, (Lead, Rhythm, and Bass Guitars, Vocals, Oud, Saz) has toured and recorded extensively with many artists, and is a grammy-nominated, platinum-selling producer in his own right. Apollo blends his wide exposure of musical influences into a dynamic performance in 'OJOLO'

OSHER, (Didjeridoos, Vocals, Percussion) has collaborated as a performer, recording artist, and instructor with artists including Zap Mama, Jai Uttal, Cirque de Soleil and Lost at Last. Raised in the desert of the Middle East, she brings with her a deep desert nomadic presence.

LO, (Djun Djuns, Vocals, Percussion) has travelled , studied, and collaborated with indiginous cultures of Africa, the Phillipines, Cuba, etc., and provides the driving, relentless rhythms that give 'OJOLO' its primal, shamanic backbone.

Listed as one of the "Top 15 Releases of 2009" in the 'World Music' category by Backroads Music/Lloyd Barde Productions.

Aired on various World Music Radio Playlists, including:
KPFA "Music of the World"
KMUD "Tribal Groove"

  To Life!

[A New Age Has Begun by To Life!]

Sports football betting appA New Age Has Begun

[Tasabasaba by To Life!]


To Life! lives in California, USA.

Tagged as: Sports football betting appWorld, New Age, African influenced, Arabic influenced, Didgeridoo, World Influenced.

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