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The Rapture: Electronica with a heart.

The Rapture is the brainchild of Stuart Lynch, a keyboardist, recording engineer and producer from the UK. Building on the foundations of a classical musical education, he has performed in many musical ensembles throughout the years, from choirs and orchestras - both as a performer and a conductor - to a keyboardist in soul/funk and rock bands.

Studio sessions recording demo CDs for his most recent band in 2008 re-ignited his interest in recording and writing music again after a 15 year hiatus. Over the course of the next two years he built up his studio and started to write and record music again concentrating on producing electronic music and learning the intricacies of the latest music production software.

As well as producing his own work he also collaborates with several singer songwriters and other instrumentalist around the world. Writing, recording and producing the orchestrations that accompany the songs can be an enjoyable return to "working the old fashioned way with pencils and manuscript paper", and the interaction with other artists is always welcome.

"There is a danger that studio based electronic music can become a very technological and lonely exercise if you let it; and in doing so, the danger is that the music loses its ability to emotionally connect with its audience. But by maintaining collaborations with acoustic musicians and writing electronic music using classically learnt skills and techniques and attempting to steer clear of purely 'programmed music' hopefully The Rapture will continue to produce work with a humanistic quality that can be enjoyed on many different levels."

Stuart also produces Electro Funk music under the name of "The Old Recruits"

  The Rapture

[Garden of Fugitives by The Rapture]

Garden of Fugitives

[Welcome to Mania by The Rapture]

Welcome to Mania

[9 Fifty 8ths by The Rapture]

9 Fifty 8ths

[Rush by The Rapture]


[10 Raptures by The Rapture]

10 Raptures

[2000Hz by The Rapture]


The Rapture lives in Fleet, England.

Tagged as: Electronica, Techno.

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