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Stanislav: Laid-back, cool, electroakoustic, classical music, ethno, jazzy soundtracks.

Stane Špegel aka Stanislav aka Monom (The Artist Formerly Known as HouseMouse) is a composer, instrumentalist, producer and author of the multimedia content.

He has released fourteen independent music albums and eight as a member of various music groups. As a member of the collective Microtrip he appeared at all the major and most of the important festivals of electronic and experimental music in Slovenia, Croatia and Austria over the past twenty years.

His works have been published in several national and international compilations and are available in most of the World's online music services. He also produces radio jingles and music for theatrical and dance performances and celebrations.

In addition to his own works Stane Špegel also deals with remixing for other composers. He has authored more than twenty separate music-visual performances / exhibitions in which his sculptures, photo-manipulation prints, relief landscapes and video films are accompanied by his music. With its video works he participated in several national and international video festivals. He has authored, co-written and directed several celebrations and cultural, fashion and sporting events.

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[Chillin by Stanislav]


[Theatralica by Stanislav]


Stanislav lives in Velenje, Slovenia.

Tagged as: Electronica, Instrumental, Chillout, Lounge, Spa and relaxation.

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