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Rildrim: Electronic music becomes poetry.

Rildrim is a multimedia art project aimed on producing technology based multi-sensory and conceptual experiences through the synergy of different disciplines. His creator, Carlos Butler, is an electronic music composer and producer from the Canary Islands, Spain, with classical training and mastering of music technology who's been in the business for ten years

After learning from some electronic music styles like ambient, minimal, psychill and techno, he's built a personal universe very influenced by visual arts and poetry and based on his own aesthetic and structural principles with a set of elements shifting from subtle and delicate sonic atmospheres, subliminal micro grooves, deep bass lines and complex textures to more powerful leads, resonating melodies and solid beats.

Always exploring new musical horizons and cutting edge technologies of sound processing and generation, his source of inspiration seems to have no end as an infinite path to a cosmic consciousness and a new way to fathom the eternal beauty of this invisible language.

You can hear more of Rildrim's work on his Soundcloud page.


[Across The Night by Rildrim]

Across The Night

[Breathing Beauty by Rildrim]

Breathing Beauty

[Dreamed Rules by Rildrim]

Dreamed Rules

[Ecosystems by Rildrim]


[Fractal Universe by Rildrim]

Fractal Universe

[The Lonely Wizard by Rildrim]

Sports football betting appThe Lonely Wizard

[Moving Inward by Rildrim]

Sports football betting appMoving Inward

[Poetry of the Unnamed by Rildrim]

Poetry of the Unnamed

[Synthetic Dream by Rildrim]

Synthetic Dream

Rildrim lives in Las Palmas, Spain.

Tagged as: Ambient, Electronica.

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