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Red Sky Lullaby: Lush downtempo electroacoustic grooves.

Red Sky Lullaby is Stuart Kilbride. He grew up in London on a diet of Funk, Jazz, Prog Rock, Hip Hop, Ambient and Electronica.

Early musical experiences included playing violin in a youth orchestra, learning to play piano and cheap Yamaha keyboards with tiny keys - experimenting late into the night making mixes with 80's tape to tape recorders. Stuart then progressed to using a mixing desk to record to 2inch analog tape and created strange noises by winding tapes backwards and forwards in a youth center studio.

Then came the wonders of 4 track home studios and thence into the world of sampling and analog synths. For better or worse he still doesn't use computers much. He is still using oldschool hardware samplers, 16trk and a hardware sequencer from the the early 90's that you need a degree in math to operate but its still never crashed or glitched out on him to this day.

Stuart has released music under various names and record labels in Europe and Japan including, Ambient Soho, 2Kool, Avex and Millenium records. He has also done music for TV and had stuff on shows broadcast all over the world. In 2006 he moved from London across the pond to the snowy plains of upstate NY and started working on the Red Sky Lullaby project.

Red Sky Lullaby is a collaborative project between Stuart (Instruments and Production) and various talented vocalists. Sometimes the music is made first with vocals added on top and sometimes the music is constructed around a bare acapella vocal that someone sends him. Stuart loves doing collaborations with vocalists/mc's as he gets bored working alone after a while and bored if he sticks to one genre. As he says so himself, "mostly music helps me keep my head in check!".

For more info visit Stuart's website, Facebook page and Youtube channel.

  Red Sky Lullaby

[Am Pm by Red Sky Lullaby]

Am Pm

[Burst by Red Sky Lullaby]


[Echolalia by Red Sky Lullaby]


[Very Own Special Day by Red Sky Lullaby]

Very Own Special Day

Red Sky Lullaby lives in New York, USA.

Tagged as: Electronica, Downtempo.

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