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Panic Ensemble: Cabaret infused rock band mixing folk and world.

Fusing the strains of the centuries-old traditions, modern and the experimental, the Israeli collective Panic Ensemble creates an intensely dramatic, cabaret-infused sound and an appealing theatrical atmosphere.

Playing a wide range of instruments, such as viola, accordion, contrabass, keyboards and percussion, the eight musicians of Panic Ensemble mingle expressive Klezmer melodies with massive rock energy and jazz influences. For the past years Panic Ensemble has been drawing great attention in Israel. Blending rock with Jewish, classical and folk elements, Panic invites its audience into a novel and wondrous world of magic and excitement, for numerous fans who are enchanted and moved by the dazzling and moving songs. Performing in numerous and varied venues, Panic Ensemble appeals to many and various audiences. They have appeared in key rock clubs, dance concerts, as well as numerous festivals.

The releases of their two albums have been met with extremely positive responses in Israel from critics, with much radio airplay nationwide. Panic's texts talk about relationships, fears, alienation and more.

The major part of the poetry is written by the internationally acclaimed poet Karen Alkalay Gut, born in London, raised in New York and now residing in Israel teaching poetry at the Tel Aviv University.

Yael Kraus, the lead singer, contributes her warm, soft, angelic voice, both vulnerable and powerful. Many songs are also accompanied by voices from the other members of the group.

Roy Yarkoni, the composer, arranger and pianist of the ensemble has extensive experience composing for theatre, dance and film, all of which is recognizable in the dramatic, rhythmic and visual music.

Panic Ensemble consists of:

Roy Yarkoni - Piano, Laptop
Yael Kraus - Vocals
Galia Hai- Viola, voices
Yonatan Levital - Bass
Omer Hershman - Guitar and Vocals
Boris Marzinovski- Accordion
Dirk Kunesch - Trumpet, Vocals
Giori Politi- Drums, percussion

You can find out more about Panic Ensemble on their website.

What the Press are saying:

"Emotion is given as much, if not more weight than precise musicianship. And in doing so, they've made one of the best art-rock-cabaret records you haven't heard this year."

"The main asset of Panic is the wonderful Yael Kraus...She has a strong, sexy and romantic voice, but what dominates in her voice is her ability to sing with a musical and textual intelligence and offer the listener the possibility to truly believe in every bar and every note, every words and every emotion."

"In a perfect world Panic Ensemble will be the most successful band in the world. Meanwhile they settle in a place of honor in the local Israeli Indie scene, and boast a halo of rare quality and originality"

  Panic Ensemble

[A Different Story by Panic Ensemble]

Sports football betting appA Different Story

[Panic Ensemble by Panic Ensemble]

Panic Ensemble

Panic Ensemble lives in Ramat Gan, Israel.

Tagged as: Alt Rock, Funk, Experimental, Woman Singing Electro Pop.

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