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Oliostere: Progressive jazz frolicking on melodic polyrhythms.

Formed in France, in 2007, Ô-liostére has built its musical identity based on a progressive jazz approach, and through the various influences of the different musicians who took part along the years.

In 2008, with a flute-drums-cello section, they reinterpreted some songs from their major influences: Aka Moon, Magic Malik and Steve Coleman. Then, through original metrics and claves, they have developed their own style between jazz, alternative and contemporary music.

The band changed to form a quintet with bass, keyboard, guitar, flute and drums by the end of 2008. In 2012, they were nominated by the French alternative radio FIP for their composition "1 2 3 2". As of 2014, they have performed over 40 times in Paris and its neighborhood including its most famous jazz clubs. After several live appearances as "guest star" and featuring in their first album Circonflexe, a rhythm-noisemaker-vocalist joined the band in 2013. Original composition, polyrhythmic music and improvisation are the features that characterize them best.

You can find out more about Ô-liostére on their Sports football betting appwebsite.
A video of their track "Countdown" can be found here.


[Circonflexe by Oliostere]


[S-clave by Oliostere]


Oliostere lives in Bagneux, France.

Tagged as: Jazz, Funk, Instrumental Jazz, Electric Guitar.

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