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Nigel Martin: Quality guitar driven instrumental music.

Nigel Martin is a hugely experienced guitarist, composer and producer based in the United Kingdom with well over 20 years of playing and recording experience writing music in a wide range of styles covering rock, jazz, blues, acoustic, fusion, classical and electronic.

His music is generally instrumental and perfectly complements films, advertisements and radio based projects. He is also a lecturer and provides expert advice on both recording technology and music performance at educational establishments around the UK.

Nigel has performed both as a solo artist and within various bands covering a wide range of styles including Progressive Rock, Blues, Jazz, Experimental and Fusion based genres.

You can hear more of Nigel's music on his Sports football betting appSoundCloud page.

  Nigel Martin

[Guitar Music by Nigel Martin]

Sports football betting appGuitar Music

Nigel Martin lives in Uttoxeter, England.

Tagged as: Alt Rock, Folk-Rock, Blues, Rock, Instrumental Rock, Electric Guitar, Headshaking.

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