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Mystic Crock: Ambient, chillout, psybient, psychadelic and downbeat.

Mystic Crock is an Ambient, Psybient, Chillout, Downbeat live and DJ act, founded in 2013.

After 10 years of producing house and electro Crock wanted to put all of his impressions into a new context. So he started off into his own ambient cosmos and began producing his own tracks. Nomad is Mystic Crock's first release as a solo artist.

As a great fan of ambient music he wanted to work out his ideas for this musical genre. The most important aspect is a deep groove combined with not too fiddly rhythmic and melodic patterns. Brilliant effects are as much important as broad soft pad sounds. Every sound is carefully chosen to calm you and send you on a journey through your mind.

You can follow Mystic Crock's latest tracks on Soundcloud.

  Mystic Crock

[6am by Mystic Crock]


[Difference by Mystic Crock]

Sports football betting appDifference

[Nomad by Mystic Crock]


[Reef by Mystic Crock]


[Riding The Ghan by Mystic Crock]

Riding The Ghan

[Samsara by Mystic Crock]


Mystic Crock lives in Berlin, Germany.

Tagged as: Electronica, Ambient, Industrial, Experimental Electronic.

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