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Mountain Sounds: A fresh new approach to lush indie pop.

Mountain Sounds is an international recording project comprised of two songwriters who came together from very different parts of the world to create something new. Franc Castillejos was born and raised in Guatemala, but his path crossed with Tim Hoyt when he moved to Florida to attend school. The pair soon realized they shared a likeminded approach to crafting thoughtful, melancholy pop songs, and they began collaborating while Franc continued his work on a Recording Arts degree at Full Sail University. Their songs eventually took shape in the form of an indie rock band that toured extensively around the Southeast, and they shared the stage with established acts like Band of Horses and Manchester Orchestra while recording and releasing an EP that laid the groundwork for their future collaborations.

Unfortunately, just as their music career was picking up steam, an insurmountable obstacle appeared on the horizon: Franc's graduation. His student visa didn't allow him to stay in the United States after school, and there were surprisingly few work visas available for people who just wanted to play rock and roll. Having exhausted their options, the band was forced to come to a premature end. Franc reluctantly returned to his home in the mountains of Guatemala, where he opened a small recording studio with a focus on developing local talent, while Tim relocated to the indie rock mecca of Portland to pursue a whole new world of musical possibilities. It seemed like a good plan, but his initial optimism faded when he was unable to replicate the effortless creative chemistry he and Franc had shared. Meanwhile, though Franc started strong by releasing an EP of solo material, he eventually lost momentum too, frustrated by the limited scale of his pursuits in the small Central American country he called home. Eager for a fresh start after several fruitless years apart, the two decided to reconvene in Franc's studio, where they began work on something completely new.

They picked up right where they left off, and the results speak for themselves. Over the course of their creative partnership, Franc and Tim have continually honed and refined their craft, developing a sound that is instantly relatable yet wholly unique. Their songs are rooted in the grand tradition of classic pop music, where a strong melody is always the focal point, and accompaniment serves to highlight, rather than obfuscate, that focus. Their arrangements are sparse but meaningful; every part they play and every sound you hear has been labored over, whittled down, and reworked in the pursuit of a deliberate, untraditional production aesthetic all its own. The resulting songs, bolstered by rich harmonies and layered vocals, are undeniably catchy, yet complex and detailed enough to warrant repeated listens.

This process of writing and recording may sound daunting, and at times it is. That seems fitting for these two. A musical partnership separated by nations is a huge undertaking, after all. But a good song? For Franc and Tim, that's worth all the stress, all the effort, and all the work in the world.

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  Mountain Sounds

[Mountain Sounds by Mountain Sounds]

Sports football betting appMountain Sounds

[Mountain Sounds (instrumental) by Mountain Sounds]

Mountain Sounds (instrumental)

Mountain Sounds lives in Oregon, USA.

Tagged as: Alt Rock, Rock, Classic rock.

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