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Mountain Mirrors: Moody melodic prog rock.

Imagine Nick Drake, Pink Floyd, and Opeth jamming under a deep woods full moon, and you'll start to get a glimpse into Mountain Mirrors, the psych folk/rock project of multi-instrumentalist Jeff Sanders.

Sanders honed his guitar chops in the 80's jamming in metal/punk jam bands Shared Psychosis and Your Dirge, and blending original instrumental music with Black Sabbath, Metallica, and Slayer. As his tastes broadened, however, he began bringing in folk influences such as Nick Drake and Damien Rice, and creating the hypnotic folk-rock for which he is known today. It's this melodic yet mesmerizing sound that Sanders uses to explore issues of spirituality. Although his music expresses a deep yearning for enlightenment, it's Sanders' willingness to examine the eerie, lonely side of this quest that makes his music so powerful.

Though these dark, even spooky influences are definitely felt throughout his work, Sanders' music also contains a deep vein of introspection that keep it from being menacing. One reviewer described the first Mountain Mirrors album, Lunar Ecstasy, as a work "fit for poets, travelers and seekers," while another called it "the perfect chill-out album with brief touches of Delerium, Alice in Chains, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Portishead and The Tea Party." In February 2004, Lunar Ecstasy was named album of the month by both IndieSoundz and StonedGods, and "Afterlife" was chosen by Indie Music Beat Magazine for their annual 101 Great New Music Tracks CD.

The eponymous Mountain Mirrors album is Sanders' second full length album, and shows a deepening mastery of his intense, supernatural sound. Guest musicians include Elad Fish on drums and piano, Claire Fitch on cello, Oren Selas on keyboards, and Guy Bar-Tor on bass. "They're phenomenal, absolutely sent from heaven," says Sanders.

Says The Sound Monitor of Mountain Mirrors, "From atmospheric sounds to Massive Attack style trip-hop with your more standard acoustic guitar & soft singing tracks. The music takes you on numerous twists and turns throughout dark and beautiful landscapes from your dreams and nightmares."

  Mountain Mirrors

[Asylum Acres by Mountain Mirrors]

Sports football betting appAsylum Acres

[The Immortal Deadbeats EP by Mountain Mirrors]

The Immortal Deadbeats EP

[Dreadnought by Mountain Mirrors]


[Lunar Ecstasy by Mountain Mirrors]

Lunar Ecstasy

[Mountain Mirrors by Mountain Mirrors]

Mountain Mirrors

Mountain Mirrors lives in Massachusetts, USA.

Tagged as: Alt Rock, Rock, Prog Rock.

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