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Mokhov: Sounds like four tet + boards of canada.

Mokhov is the world's most mobile electronic musician. Born in Russia and raised in the US, he travels the world and makes music that's a cross between Aphex Twin and Four Tet. With some Boards of Canada and DJ Shadow thrown in.

Mokhov makes all his electronic music on a laptop. He has the world's smallest studio: his backpack. And rather than put the focus on himself, Mokhov lets the tunes speak for themselves.


[Euphoric Magic by Mokhov]

Sports football betting appEuphoric Magic

[Future Hope by Mokhov]

Sports football betting appFuture Hope

[Halcyon Days by Mokhov]

Halcyon Days

[Magic Times by Mokhov]

Magic Times

[Perfect Dream by Mokhov]

Perfect Dream

[Solace Embrace by Mokhov]

Sports football betting appSolace Embrace

Mokhov lives in Nevada, USA.

Tagged as: Electronica, Experimental, Chillout, Ethereal.

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