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Mike McGuill: Diverse, intelligent electronica from london.

Mike McGuill is a London-based musician and sound engineer.

Mike McGuill is a London-based musician and sound engineer.

Mike's life-long relationship with music began, as many do, with a guitar, and he spent much of the nineties performing with it on the London and Kent band scenes.

Later, his interest shifted to electronic music. Earliest forays into this territory involved nothing more than a borrowed keyboard and a four-track tape machine, but from these humble beginnings eventually came several years of academic study in audio engineering.

These days Mike is equally at home with a guitar, at the keys of a piano, or behind the controls of a mixing desk, sampler or sequencer. He brings these diverse influences to bear in his music, blending organic sounds and real-world instruments with electronic elements, to create compelling melodies, grooves and soundscapes.

Always a prolific writer of music, he now composes for media. His music has been used in places as diverse as primetime BBC in the UK, nationwide in-store campaigns in the USA, European clothing brands, Australian current affairs shows, a South American ice cream promo, and a Czech documentary about rowing!

Between music projects, he is also a sound designer and editor for picture, with a portfolio that includes award-winning shorts, feature films, web series, and collaborations with film makers from around the world.

You can hear more of Mike's music on his Sports football betting appSoundcloud or follow him on Twitter.

  Mike McGuill

[Lost Horizons by Mike McGuill]

Lost Horizons

[Modern Carols by Mike McGuill]

Modern Carols

[Sleep Mode by Mike McGuill]

Sleep Mode

[Stult by Mike McGuill]


Mike McGuill lives in London, England.

Tagged as: Electronica, Experimental, Jazz, Ethereal.

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