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Lydia McCauley: Intriguing piano compositions with dynamic accompaniment.

Lydia McCauley is a Contemporary Folk singer, pianist, and composer. Her passion, and the connection she makes with an audience are the winning features of her performance. Lydia's writing is personal and ultimately uplifting, displaying her commitment to providing music that enriches the human spirit.

"Lydia McCauley's music is therapy for the senses, its beauty soothes the soul"
- NPR Radio, WUKY - 91.3 FM

Born in Seattle and raised in the southeastern United States, Lydia grew up studying classical and contemporary music and later documented Appalachian Folk music at Berea College in Kentucky. This particular blend of training would influence Lydia's music style in the years to come. After teaching piano for eight years, Lydia's love of writing and arranging music propelled her into a career in professional music performance. She formed her own independent music label, Brimstone Music in 1995 and has released six full-length recordings that are distributed nationwide.

"McCauley composes New Age music without indulging in New Age cliches...this is a first rate production all the way."
- Victory Music

Lydia McCauley's music is heard on Sirius and XM Radio, Martha Stewart Living Radio, Jet Blue and Frontier Airlines, Musak, and many radio stations around the world.

She tours North America with her contemporary folk band GEOFFREY'S NEPHEW. Lydia also performs with Magnatune artist Sports football betting appJami Sieber and Nancy Rumbel in RIVER - a confluence of three extraordinary composers.

"This is the sixth release on my independent music label Brimstone Music. And it is the first all-instrumental album that I've recorded. The title, QUIETING, comes from what I was doing when the pieces came forward to present themselves.

Here is a journal entry from November 2004. It sets the tone for what was to come in both my life and my music. It's hard to tell when the beginning of a new project begins... but this must have been it."

Some days the woods are silent
with nothing to tell me,
minding their way, breathing their own breath
and some days they let me through the veil
there's an opening
and inside I go
an elning
that's when the shadows cover the light
in deep browns
and golds make a path through the mosses

now the leaves are falling with the rain
so much golden stands of cottonwood
and birch has shimmered this week
so much cedar is gathering on the ground
and fir and cones

this woodland soil is even dry
these large living trees are
wondering about us
becoming very quiet

I would like to bound and leap
I would like to lift up my voice
I would like to come alive
but I am slowing with the sun
and waning like a moon
and quieting with the sap of the birch

You can find out more about Lydia's work and her band Geoffrey's Nephew on her Sports football betting appwebsite and MySpace page.

  Lydia McCauley

[The Beauty of the Earth by Lydia McCauley]

The Beauty of the Earth

[Entrances by Lydia McCauley]


[ForeignLander by Lydia McCauley]


[Quieting by Lydia McCauley]


[Sabbath Day's Journey by Lydia McCauley]

Sabbath Day's Journey

[The Moon of Wintertime by Lydia McCauley]

The Moon of Wintertime

Lydia McCauley lives in Washington, USA.

Tagged as: New Age, Folk.

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