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Barbara Leoni: Blues rock.

Barbara Leoni grew up in Wisconsin and moved out to LA to attend Musicians' Institute in Hollywood. After graduating with honors from GIT (Guitar Institute of Technology), she became an active working musician in the LA area. She traveled the United States opening up for such acts as the Beach Boys and Steppenwolf.

She has also traveled abroad to play for the military in such places as Greenland, Kuwait, Bahrain, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macadonia, Germany, Norway, Sigapore, Japan and Korea. Now, finally, Barbara has used her cumulated experiences and musical talents to produce her first solo CD entitled "Human Needs".

Her soulful and expressive guitar playing and singing reflect her diverse influences. The CD also displays her talents as a songwriter and engineer. She was lucky to marry into a musical family - her husband, Danny Leoni, supplies top notch bass lines and her brother in law, Jerry Leoni, rounds out the rhythm section with his solid drum grooves.


  • BARBARA LEONI : Lead Vocals, ALL Guitars
  • DANNY LEONI : Bass, Duet Vocals (on Ring Around The Rosey)
  • JIMMY BRITTON : Keyboards
  • JERRY LEONI : Drums (Dont Rain On My Parade, WaterFall, Haunted)
  • DOMINIC GRECO : Drums (Demons, Ring Around The Rosey)
  • JASON PIPKIN : Drums (Another Time, Human Needs)
  • ANNIE BERTUCCI : Background Vocals
  •   Barbara Leoni

    [Human Needs by Barbara Leoni]

    Sports football betting appHuman Needs

    Barbara Leoni lives in California, USA.

    Tagged as: Alt Rock, Rock, Blues, Vocal, Electric Guitar.

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