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Koshanin: Piano tales, ancient dreams.

Koshanin is a piano player, composer and a veteran on the music scene with his active music career stretching well over 20 years. His musical career started in Yugoslavia where he acquired his formal music education at the early age and joined the local music scene to play with numerous groups.

In the '90s, he eventually relocated to the USA and continued his musical journey. He has played extensively with various groups and could be seen in clubs, festivals and on stages throughout the USA and Canada.

After focusing on more private studies Koshanin developed an interest in reed instruments and gradually shifted to new directions, now working with several World Music groups performing Latin, African and Mediterranean music styles. He continued recording and performing live and by this time all the accumulated collaborations and side works in both Europe and USA amounted to over 30 albums.

Meanwhile Koshanin found himself returning to his first love in music - piano, and coupled with the revived fascination with Balkan folk music from his childhood, this laid the foundation for a new body of work. By blending the sounds of the Old World with the contemporary Western music, Koshanin transforms piano into a modern-day folk instrument with his unique interpretations of traditional Balkan folk songs and original, folk music inspired compositions.

Koshanin is currently based in Portland, Oregon. He performed at various venues throughout the Pacific Northwest including Seattle's Folklife Festival, Salem World Beat Festival, The Earth Day Conference and is also a resident artist at Portland International Airport's "Arts & Entertainment Program" where he performs regularly.

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[Over Seven Seas by Koshanin]

Sports football betting appOver Seven Seas

[Under the Sacred Tree by Koshanin]

Under the Sacred Tree

Koshanin lives in California, USA.

Tagged as: Classical, Neoclassical, New Age, Instrumental Classical, Instrumental New Age, Classical Piano, Daydreaming.

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