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Kalabi: Chillout music for late nights and early mornings.

Kalabi (aka Si Oliver) has been making music of one form or another for the past sixteen years, and finally settled on chillout and electronica four years ago.

Kalabi fuses "real" instrumentation with programmed beats and dubby bass lines to create his own unique chill sound, and this style has proved popular throughout the world.

He currently has tracks released on a number of compilations including the "Elysian Vibes 3" compilation from One World Music, the "Cafe Zen" compilation from Park Lane Recordings and the "Chasing The Third" compilation from Mighty Fat Records, to name a few.


[Bread and Circuits by Kalabi]

Sports football betting appBread and Circuits

[The Bubble or the Spirit by Kalabi]

The Bubble or the Spirit

[Dandelion by Kalabi]


[Edible Arrangements by Kalabi]

Edible Arrangements

[The Emblems of These Distracted Times by Kalabi]

The Emblems of These Distracted Times

[Flex Your Trunk by Kalabi]

Flex Your Trunk

[Music for Televisions Vol 2 by Kalabi]

Music for Televisions Vol 2

[Music for Televisions by Kalabi]

Sports football betting appMusic for Televisions

[Reclaimed Property by Kalabi]

Reclaimed Property

[The Wheel by Kalabi]

The Wheel

Kalabi lives in Cheshire, England.

Tagged as: Electronica, Other, Chillout.

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