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Jon Swift: Northwest guitarist at large.

Composer and guitarist OreJon Swift studied composition at the University of Nebraska in prehistoric times.

Some of the more interesting places his music has been used are: a French TV show about mansions, a documentary on fly fishing, a promotional short about custom racing tandem bicycles and a youth theatre production of Gulliver's Travels.

His catalog includes everything from string quintets to psychotic electronica. He performs as a solo guitarist. Swift creates ad hoc instruments such as the "wrench and can harp" used on Travelog. Ding. Donk. Splee!

Now living in Oregon, he has paid rent and dues in Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles and Nashville.

You can find out more about OreJon on his Sports football betting appwebsite.

  Jon Swift

[Bent Oh Man by Jon Swift]

Sports football betting appBent Oh Man

[Travelog by Jon Swift]


Jon Swift lives in Oregon, USA.

Tagged as: Jazz, Experimental, Instrumental, Contemporary Piano, Electric Guitar, Flute, Horn, Saxophone.

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