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Janine Johnson: Harpsichord and fortepiano classics.

Known for the intricate artwork with which she adorns world-class harpsichords, the multitalented Janine Johnson is also a gifted harpsichordist and pianist in her own right. Her style of playing is elegant yet extremely agile, and she has performed extensively in the Bay Area and beyond.

Ms. Johnson began her musical studies on the modern piano and started playing the harpsichord as a teenager. She majored piano performance and two dimensional art at California State University, Northridge and began building and decorating harpsichords in earnest at this time. She has continued as an instrument maker ever since and is now working with renowned harpsichord builder John Phillips in Berkeley, California.

  Janine Johnson

[JS Bach Works For Harpsichord by Janine Johnson]

JS Bach Works For Harpsichord

[Chopin Recital by Janine Johnson]

Chopin Recital

[Selections from JS Bach ClavierUbung III by Janine Johnson]

Selections from JS Bach ClavierUbung III

[German Keyboard Masters by Janine Johnson]

Sports football betting appGerman Keyboard Masters

[Bach Goldberg Variations by Janine Johnson]

Bach Goldberg Variations

[JS Bach Inventions and Sinfonias by Janine Johnson]

JS Bach Inventions and Sinfonias

[Spain by Janine Johnson]


[Suites - Op 22 24 and 29 by Janine Johnson]

Suites - Op 22 24 and 29

[Telemann Harpsichord Solos from Der Getreue Music Meister by Janine Johnson]

Telemann Harpsichord Solos from Der Getreue Music Meister

Janine Johnson lives in California, USA.

Tagged as: Sports football betting appClassical, Baroque, Instrumental, Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach, Harpsichord.

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