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Ishwish: Transcendent ambient vibrations.

ishwish is Christopher Currell.

Christopher is no stranger to the electronic music medium. He has worked with many cutting edge artists such as Quincy Jones, Paul Simon, Stanley Clark, Allan Holdsworth and Stevie Wonder. Christopher's pioneering work with the Synclavier, a very sophisticated digital synthesis computer, culminated with his contribution to the multi-platinum album "Bad" by Michael Jackson. Christopher plays guitar, Ztar, keyboards, synthesizers and devices.

Christopher eventually gravitated away from pop music when his long time interest in the nature of the human mind and spirit became full time research. Based on new knowledge from research in quantum physics, Christopher's current work involves the creation of music and sound improvisations that can transport the listener to new realms of experience. Christopher sensed that high technology combined with knowledge of the human mind and spirit can potentially elevate the human consciousness.

ishwish utilizes advanced computer synthesis designed specifically to manipulate, and alter audio vibrations in real-time. Each ishwish performance becomes a unique and personal experience to each listener. An important factor in ishwish music is improvisation. When music is created in "present time", a special energy happens. That energy is unique because it remains long after the actual performance is finished, still influencing the people and the environment.

"It is crucial towards this goal, to create performances that are influenced first by the immediate environment, which then act as a departure point to transport the audience to another time and place," says Christopher.

"Sound is a vibration. Like sound, the universe is also vibration. If we look closer, there is information in the vibration. All knowledge we seek resides there. All we have to do is listen."

Christopher is joined on the "Remember" CD by world renowned vocalist Sports football betting appBeth Quist, who recently finished a two year stint as the lead vocalist in the Cirque Du Soleil production of KA at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Beth is also a member of Bobby McFerrin's Voicestra project.

"May peace prevail on earth."


[The Gates of Dawn by Ishwish]

The Gates of Dawn

[Meditations by Ishwish]


[Remember by Ishwish]


Ishwish lives in Kannami, Japan.

Tagged as: New Age, Other.

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