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Homeless Balloon: Ambient chill to ease your pain and tease your brain.

Homeless Balloon is the music project of Helge Krabye, a Norwegian composer, sound designer and multimedia artist, born in 1953 in Oslo, Norway. Helge has (under his real name) composed music for television documentaries, radio plays, fantasy stories and multimedia projects as well as signature melodies and musical jingles since the late 80's.

In his music, he is known for combining acoustic instruments with experimental, electronic sounds. His music is inspired by both world fusion, electronica, acoustic, classical, jazz and film music. Homeless Balloon has released six audio CD's and two digital EP's. The music is downtempo chillout grooves and ambient soundscapes inspired by acid jazz, electronica, world fusion, acoustic and film.

Helge Krabye learned to play violin at the age of six, and he picked up the guitar as a teenager. In his early thirties he started experimenting with computers, MIDI and synthesizers, and his background in classical music has made his compositions suitable for moving pictures.

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  Homeless Balloon

[Oriental Spaces by Homeless Balloon]

Oriental Spaces

Homeless Balloon lives in Oslo, Norway.

Tagged as: Ambient, Electronica, Chillout, Experimental Electronic.

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