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Fernwood: Music played by hand on instruments made of wood.

Frail and haunting, beautiful and dreamy, the music of composer team Todd Montgomery and Gayle Ellett has a unique, yet familiar feel. Both of them have been composing and performing music professionally, for over thirty years each. Working under the name "Fernwood", their cinematic music blends the beautiful sounds of Greek & Irish bouzouki, sitar, acoustic guitar, Chinese ruan, Turkish cumbus, Moroccan oud, mandolin, harmonium, rababa, gimbri, dilruba, bulbul tarang, jal tarang, dotara, tenor banjo, swarsangam, gopichand, upright bass and rhodes piano.

Todd Montgomery and Gayle Ellett are currently exploring new areas of folk-psyche music. Contemporary yet Traditional, their music has a strong pan-cultural feel. By combining elements of Pastoral Acoustic Psychedelic music, with the sounds of Traditional American, Irish, Eastern European, Asian, and Middle Eastern music, they have created a hybrid style that is uniquely their own.

GUITAR PLAYER Magazine discribed their music as "Wonderfully melodic, expertly layered, masterfully interwoven, luscious yet rootsy".

Their music has a strong autobiographical feel that accurately portrays a sense of who they are and where they live. Recorded in their Malibu studio, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, their music is a reflection of their lives in Southern California as well as the previous work they've done in the areas of Film and TV composition, Traditional World music, Rock and Jazz.

They are also working with numerous film directors from around the world, on a wide variety of projects. These include artistic, commercial, and NGO films from: Holland, India, Brazil, UAE, Finland, South Africa, Thailand, Australia, Croatia, Serbia, Turkey, New Zealand, Italy, France, UK, Belize, Indonesia, Cuba, and Mexico.


[Almeria by Fernwood]

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[Arcadia by Fernwood]

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[Sangita by Fernwood]

Sports football betting appSangita

Fernwood lives in California, USA.

Tagged as: World, New Age.

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