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Falling You: Haunting, ethereal pop ambient.

Falling You (John Michael Zorko, with the vocals of Dru Allen, Aimee Page, Jennifer McPeak, Sara Ayers, Krista Tortora, Victoria Lloyd, Erica Mulkey and others) is known for ethereal, emotive music—music best heard when the moon is high and the atmosphere, serene.

Known for fusing dark ambient soundscapes with darkly beautiful female vocals, Falling You speaks a melancholy, yet hopeful language, recognizable to all. If the lifeless moon could sing of the blue-green world it orbits, it might sound something like this.

  Falling You

[Adore by Falling You]

Sports football betting appAdore

[Blush by Falling You]

Sports football betting appBlush

[Faith by Falling You]


[Human by Falling You]


[Touch by Falling You]


Falling You lives in California, USA.

Tagged as: Ambient, Rock, Pop, Electro Rock, Ethereal.

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