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Emma Wallace: Angst-free modern ragtime.

I am a maker of songs for those wearing rose-colored glasses, those who love life and happy endings.

For persons who prefer their artists tortured, I fear I am not your cup of vodka.

I started concentrating seriously on music when I turned seven and my piano teacher said, "Although Emma is a real sweet girl, her older brother has all the talent." Needless to say, I have been passionate about working on my music ever since.

My most prominent influence is Sting. There is no close second in influences because Sting is just my favorite. Always has been.

But my love for jazz greats- both performers and writers (Thelonious Monk, Ella Fitzgerald, Harry Connick, Jr., George Gershwin, Cole Porter) definitely creates the tone of music. I also love wonderful and unusual songwriters: George Michael, Randy Newman, Paul Simon, Emily Loizeau, etc.

In a kind review of my most recent album, the writer says, "Fun and sexy, Emma Wallace's catchy tunes will have you singing along with the refrain before you've even finished listening to them once. I love her intelligent humor and clever wording which make me listen carefully and then laugh out loud every time I hear her songs. I highly recommend this album, her older albums... to anyone who is a romantic at heart."

  Emma Wallace

[Alice in Wonderland by Emma Wallace]

Alice in Wonderland

[Dreaming by Emma Wallace]

Sports football betting appDreaming

[The Stuff of Fairy Tales by Emma Wallace]

The Stuff of Fairy Tales

[Let's Hibernate by Emma Wallace]

Let's Hibernate

[Down the Rabbit Hole by Emma Wallace]

Down the Rabbit Hole

[A Reason to Stay Up all Night by Emma Wallace]

A Reason to Stay Up all Night

[Santa Take the Night Off by Emma Wallace]

Santa Take the Night Off

[Temptation_ by Emma Wallace]


Emma Wallace lives in Florida, USA.

Tagged as: Jazz, Blues, Pop, Vocal, Contemporary Piano.

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