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DP Kaufman: Ambient, melodic electronica meets neo-classical.

Under the moniker of D.P.KAUFMAN, film and television composer Doug Kaufman started creating unusual but accessible experimental electronica in late 2009 during free time between commercial projects.

He worked under candle light deep into the night, constructing and perfecting odd little instruments that opened up entirely new sonic possibilities.

The first result of those efforts is "As the Ruin Falls", a collection of diverse but cohesive instrumental pieces spanning a range from neo-classical to IDM. While often melodic and peaceful, the album also descends occasionally into industrial chaos - reflecting the inner turmoil of the project's poem namesake.

Working out of his studio in the mountains of North Carolina, Kaufman has started writing for another project; this one incorporating an even larger sonic palette and broader range of instruments and voices.

You can find out more about Doug on his Sports football betting appwebsite.

  DP Kaufman

[Fear and Curiosity by DP Kaufman]

Sports football betting appFear and Curiosity

[Lullabies for the Apocalypse by DP Kaufman]

Lullabies for the Apocalypse

[As the Ruin Falls by DP Kaufman]

As the Ruin Falls

[The Valley Below by DP Kaufman]

The Valley Below

DP Kaufman lives in North Carolina, USA.

Tagged as: Electronica, Ambient, Instrumental Electronica, Contemporary Piano, Daydreaming, Experimental Electronic.

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