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Dmitry Krasnoukhov: New age romantic piano music.

Born in the town of Sukhoi Log, Sverdlovsk region, Russia, in the family of a military man, Dmitry Krasnoukhov finished music school in 1982 in the town of Wünsdorf, Germany. He was transferred from grade 4 to grade 6 due to his outstanding learning skills. Dmitry is very fond of the European pop music of the 80's (ABBA, SPACE), Soviet singers (ZODIAC), selection, arrangement of these melodies and performance.

Dmitry is a regular participant of festivals: "Orpheus" (Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi), "Pedagogic of the 21st century" (Odesa) and was an award winner at the Performing Arts Festival in Vicenza (Italy, 2000)

Since 2002 he has had a keen engagement in composition and piano improvisation impressed by the creativity of Kevin Kern (San Francisco) and has created a collection of beautiful melodies and undertaken many concert activities.

Some of his projects to name a few: the soundtrack for "Ukrposhta" TV commercials, over 2 hours of music for the children's programs at the Ukrainian radio, participation in the opening of salons ("FIAT", "Kontsepty", "Conika", "Odessa-Kino"), a gift album for "Christina Top Cosmetics", participation at Expoplaza exhibition (Italian massage techniques, decorative landscaping) at the opening of private picture galleries, celebrations, psychological conferences and festivals.

Since 2009 Dmitry has been a member of the Ukrainian National Musical Society of the Union of Composers of Ukraine. Currently, he is engaged in concerts, research and publishing activities as well as art therapy, organizing concerts during the theater season in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine and foreign countries, and in the Crimea during the Summer.

  Dmitry Krasnoukhov

[About Love by Dmitry Krasnoukhov]

About Love

[The Angel Birth by Dmitry Krasnoukhov]

The Angel Birth

[Drops of Rainbow by Dmitry Krasnoukhov]

Drops of Rainbow

[Fairy Peace by Dmitry Krasnoukhov]

Sports football betting appFairy Peace

[Fly by Dmitry Krasnoukhov]


[Legend by Dmitry Krasnoukhov]


[On the Wave's Wings by Dmitry Krasnoukhov]

On the Wave's Wings

Dmitry Krasnoukhov lives in Kiev, Ukraine.

Tagged as: New Age, Neoclassical, Neo-Romanticism, Instrumental Classical, Instrumental New Age, Classical Piano, Daydreaming, Spa and relaxation.

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