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Dixie Cannon: Rock solid pop rock, vintage rock, classic rock, folk rock and art rock.

Dixie Cannon was born in 1971 in the city of Krivoy Rog, Soviet Union. For a time he lived in Moscow, where for more than twenty years he was the leader of the folk-rock band Barley Corn. During this time he worked as a music producer and songwriter for Barley Corn, participated in concert tours, live performances and TV shows, and wrote music for theatre and movies.

In 2008 his work was recognised by one of the best music producers in the world, ex-chief of Abbey Road studios, Haydn Bendall. In 2013 Dixie Cannon left Russia and now lives and works like a freelance music producer, composer and songwriter in such Asian countries as India, Nepal and Thailand.

You can check out Dixie's video "I Catch the Wind" below:

  Dixie Cannon

[I Catch the Wind by Dixie Cannon]

Sports football betting appI Catch the Wind

[Highland Sunrise by Dixie Cannon]

Sports football betting appHighland Sunrise

[Monkey Town by Dixie Cannon]

Monkey Town

[Till We Make It Alive by Dixie Cannon]

Till We Make It Alive

Dixie Cannon lives in Moscow, Russia.

Tagged as: Alt Rock, Pop, Classic rock, Prog Rock.

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