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Daniel Knowler: Organic, atmospheric acoustic-guitar textures.

Guitarist, sound artist and gentleman, Mr Daniel Knowler is the founder of the Actual Size label and member of various groups outside of music's mainstream, including The Infinite Three, Leisur Hive, Cindytalk and Slunq.

Daniel's primary concerns are the avant/drone rock group The Infinite Three and as guitarist for experimental veterans Cindytalk. He has performed and recorded improvised electronic music as Sweetie; collaborated with Doug Shearer on the "phonetic hardcore" project 6 Pregnant Lambs, and with Maria Vellanz on "Rock", a re-imagining of John Cage's 'Ryoanji'.

Our Wet Geometry, Daniel's first solo release is an album of atmospheric acoustic guitar pieces. Instrumental songs ranging from cinematic textures and post-rock crescendos to plaintive folksy finger picking. Taking cues from folk, blues, pop and soundtrack music Our Wet Geometry takes a more melodic turn than most of his previous work.

Hidden within the organic orchestration however are ciphers more in keeping with Daniel's background in experimental music: field recordings, subtle electronic drones and electronic treatments follow the melodies around like grey shadows.

  Daniel Knowler

[Blank River by Daniel Knowler]

Blank River

[Silvery Beast by Daniel Knowler]

Silvery Beast

[Our Wet Geometry by Daniel Knowler]

Our Wet Geometry

Daniel Knowler lives in London, England.

Tagged as: Alt Rock, New Age, Instrumental Rock, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Rock, Daydreaming, Electric Guitar.

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