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Chinaski: Dark and driving energetic alternative rock.

Post-grunge auteur act Chinaski carries alt rock right up to the edge with its distinctive interpretation of modern rock. It's a power punch to the innards driven by brains and brawn; it grabs your mind and electrifies the body. Chinaski is the rock of today and tomorrow. According to Chinaski, "Our music combines the driving rhythms and guitar barrage of early 90s rock with a songwriting style that falls just left of the mainstream."

Music is the spirit escaping and finding communion with others. Music offers a one-of-a-kind portal of communication. "Music is much more than entertainment," says one member of Chinaski. "It's an outlet. The music that moves us has an honesty that helps anchor us and reflects our true selves back to us." It's a circle of energy made possible through Chinaski's galvanizing songwriting.

Straight Shot
The process begins when the audience is hit by Chinaski's lean and mean, smart and stripped-down audio action. The band's music feeds the intellect as well as a person's visceral need for moving music. "Intelligent lyricism, no-frills musicality and a straight shot directly into the listener," is how Chinaski describes it. "Chinaski has a simple approach to rock, that rock itself shouldn't be so simple."

The Artist at Work
Chinaski derives its name from the works of Charles Bukowski. "Chinaski valued alcohol and the madmen and women of the world," explains a member of Chinaski. "He lived to create and illuminate the underbelly of Los Angeles." Chinaski says that the cleansing honesty of Bukowski's character is reflected in the music of this band. "Despite its grunge roots, Chinaski is not a peek into the past, but rather a roadmap beyond music's future horizon."


[Megaton Robotic Apple Pie by Chinaski]

Megaton Robotic Apple Pie

[Megaton Robotic Apple Pie (instrumental) by Chinaski]

Megaton Robotic Apple Pie (instrumental)

[You Might Like This Better Than Me by Chinaski]

Sports football betting appYou Might Like This Better Than Me

[You Might Like This Better Than Me (instrumental) by Chinaski]

You Might Like This Better Than Me (instrumental)

Chinaski lives in California, USA.

Tagged as: Alt Rock, Rock, Indie Rock.

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