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Barry James: Instrumental music with an edge.

At the age of six, Barry James started piano lessons to play the classical music he heard his mother listen to on the radio. Picking up the trombone in junior high gave him a taste for the style and flexibility of jazz music, which he utilized through high school in various jazz performing groups, orchestras, and pit bands for school plays. Then while browsing a rummage sale table he stumbled onto a beat up old acoustic guitar. Soon he was practicing for hours at a time to find the limits and textures of this new instrument.

Barry has been collaborating with other musicians since 1995, and is a veteran of many groups, including the dream pop band, The Sunflower Conspiracy, and the Tucson based alternative rock band Affirming the Consequent. In addition, he has written film score and songs for various projects, including the short film, The Human Condition, which debuted at independent film festivals in April 2008, and the infectious theme to and overall musical signature of the ironic and entertaining webisode comedy, Crewing Up.

Barry James uses guitars, effects, and computer recording techniques to create a sound that is as orchestral as it is modern. His work often brings comparisons to Brian Eno, Radiohead, Peter Gabriel and Enya.

If anyone is poised to inject new life into the ambient sound it is Barry James. His work in music is genre-spanning and continues to evolve as he seeks out new projects and creates new challenges for himself. James is heavily involved in exploring the push and pull between music and images.

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  Barry James

[The Stars and the Moon by Barry James]

Sports football betting appThe Stars and the Moon

[Strange Slumber, Music for Wonderful Dreams by Barry James]

Strange Slumber, Music for Wonderful Dreams

Barry James lives in Arizona, USA.

Tagged as: Alt Rock, New Age, Chillout, Happy Hour.

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