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Ash Ganley: Masterfully nuanced aaa rock.

Some artists you just know are going to be doing their craft, no matter what and no matter where, for the rest of their life; it's just what they do. They'll grow and change with their songs and the music they play, and so will their music grow and change with them as they move through life. This kind of dedication, over time, can yield some powerful music and goes a long way in creating the kind of creative environment in which the song and the artist become inseparable; where the listener knows, somewhere down deep, that this symmetry of song and singer is the real deal, forged in the fires of life.

Ash Ganley is that type of artist. Ash has been a humble apprentice to many a musical muse over the years, and spent his time touring and recording in bands - as both a bandleader and side man - that have ranged in style from Reggae to Bluegrass, Alt Country to Blues Fusion and Rock and beyond. All of these different styles naturally found a hybrid home in Ash's own unique voice as a singer, songwriter and guitarist.

In an age where too often the desire for instant gratification and disposable commercialism have wed to dominate the music marketplace, rare is an artist like Ash Ganley who is able to distil down his myriad musical experiences into such a potent, well-honed mix of roots rock, timeless acoustic pop, and edgy Americana Soul music in a way that sounds seamless, comfortably familiar and totally signature.

An Ash Ganley Show literally covers all the bases, from an intimate acoustic duo; to the rootsy acoustic slide guitar with stripped down, Delta-inspired drums and bass; all the way up to the high energy full band Americana/Rock/Soul sounds. From Red Rocks to back yard parties, Ash has learned the art of audience-performer energy transference and taps into that natural communion effortlessly.

Ash has a clearly authentic quality to his commercial sound.

"These Ash Ganley tunes are really good listening and it occurs to one right away that a principle reason is the background vocals of Andria Ganley, which are spot on perfect! She sounds, to me at least, like one of my favorite singers, Margo Timmons. The quality she brings to the sound of this band really elevates it to a higher level. Ash has that assured virility in his sound that you hear in guys who have achieved a certain level of professionalism. There is a quality in his sound that says he has arrived at his musical destination, which is powerful stuff."
-, an LA Based Music website and blog.

Highlights from Ash's career include:
* Reggae On the Rocks (Red Rocks), played twice.
* Film on the Rocks 2007 (as headlining band w/7000+ in attendance).
* Headlined: KBCO Stage at Taste of Colorado in downtown Denver in 2009.
* Multiple appearances on prestigious 97.3 KBCO "Studio C".
* Entire album selected for playlist on 99.5 FM KQMT "The Mountain".
* Signed with NOMA Music in Jan 2011 and already has multiple placements in major tv productions.
* Openers for Little Feat, William Topley, Jimmy Cliff, Burning Spear, Derek Trucks Band, B.B. King, Steel Pulse, String Cheese Incident and many others.
* Song "I Walk Alone" from album Cruel Waters selected as title, theme and credits song for new independent film "Night at the Zoo", staring former Deadwood stars W. Earle Brown and Sean Bridger's in partnership with Michael Hemschoot ("The Matrix", "Master and Commander: Far Side of the World").

You can check out more about Ash on his website and MySpace page.

  Ash Ganley

[Cruel Waters by Ash Ganley]

Cruel Waters

[Magic Season by Ash Ganley]

Magic Season

[Universe Acceptable by Ash Ganley]

Universe Acceptable

Ash Ganley lives in Colorado, USA.

Tagged as: Alt Rock, Rock, Indie Rock.

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