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Amoeba: Cinematic pop-ambient.

Amoeba is the result of a multi-decade collaboration between ambient composer Sports football betting appRobert Rich and multi-instrumentalist Rick Davies. The two first met in 1979 after Davies returned from a stretch in England and Spain, and throughout the '80s the two would collaborate on several bands, including Quote Unquote and Urdu. To the union Davies brought a wealth of musical experience, and the ability to play winds, guitars, synth and percussion. He also brought an understanding of electronic music which had been deepened during his time editing magazines Music Technology and Home & Studio Recording.

Experimental musician Robert Rich was one of the first people to work with micro-toned synthesizers, and had performed legendary "sleep concerts"—eight hour long concerts of ambient music designed to be listened to by a sleeping audience. He also released several solo albums like Trances/Drones which came out in 1983 and Rainforest, which was issued in 1989. He has worked with Steve Roach, David Tom, Lustmord, Lisa Moskow, Vidna Obmana and Forrest Fang. Indeed, his musical aspirations reached all of the way back into childhood, when he was fascinated by the rhythms and textures of sounds in the world around him (croaking frogs, ventilator shafts, etc.). He built his first synthesizer from a kit at the age of 13.

The second album produced by Amoeba, Watchful is a masterpiece of collective work by Davies and Rich. Featuring a combination of multi-layered ambient textures and pop instrumentation, the album resembles many works that also existed on the edge of pop, like those by Talk Talk and Dead Can Dance. Receiving many positive reviews, Watchful proved that the artistic marriage of Davies and Rich was fruitful, indeed. Pivot followed in late-2000.


[Pivot by Amoeba]

Sports football betting appPivot

[Watchful by Amoeba]


Amoeba lives in California, USA.

Tagged as: Alt Rock, Rock, Ethereal, Prog Rock.

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