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Amfibia: Electronic, acoustic, chillout, lounge, comopolitian, instrumental.

Amfibia is a musical symbiosis of two inspired Slovenian musicians - Stane Špegel and Boštjan Leben - who come from very different backgrounds. While Stane has mastered the art of digital production, Boštjan's world is that of acoustic, particularly ethnic instruments. Opposities attract, as they say, and the result of the collaboration is a stunning harmony of natural sounds, classical instruments and electronic sounds. The two musicians have proved that nothing can hold back creativity, regardless of musical genres. So, we can say that Amfibia stands for a specific approach to the fusion of acoustic and electronic music. If you want to call it lounge, that's fine too...

The music is complex yet accessible and the little details that you can hear only after a few listens are what makes it special. Songs are instrumental, some of them are graced by a seductive and charming saxophone of legendary artist and photographer Lado Jaksa.


[Eklektic by Amfibia]


Amfibia lives in Velenje, Slovenia.

Tagged as: Electronica, Experimental, Instrumental, Lounge, Saxophone, World Influenced.

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