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Circonflexe by Oliostere Sports football betting appOliostere : Circonflexe.
Progressive jazz frolicking on melodic polyrhythms.

Circonflexe: cyclic claves, flexed execution, circumspect circles. The concept of this album revolves around claves, rhythmic patterns which unite the musicians and distinguish each track. Some tracks are based on a simple clave such as 1 2 3 2 or RER, while others feature complex patterns like in the introduction of 8 plus 7 for which the album artwork gives the score. Polyrhythms are particularly present throughout 2 virgule 4 and reach an interesting arpeggio step before the last theme. Triades concludes the album with a symmetric ascending and descending chord progression highlighted by a tune jointly played by 4 melodic instruments.

This album features two guests: Olivier Koundouno and YéYé Toon. Olivier Koundouno's cello dances on the interweaving background of MMM, a trance balanced between the written score and improvisations. YéYé Toon's unique scatting style is featured in Polymorphisme, a multiple time scale tune, and in Daga dit Gouda, a piece based on a scattered jungle drum line.

Bass: Marc Évrard
Cello: Olivier Koundouno (4)
Drums: Lionel Feugère
Flute: Stéphanie Morland
Guitar: Éric Epstein
Keyboard: Émile Maras
Voice: YéYé Toon (2,6)

Compositions: Émile Maras, Éric Epstein, Lionel Feugère, Marc Évrard (7), Mathieu Feugère (1,3,6), Olivier Koundouno (4,8), Raphaël Hardy (2,3,4,5), Stéphanie Morland, YéYé Toon (2,6).

Mixing and recording: Louis Martin-Gallausiaux
Artwork Graphism: Vlou
Artwork Realisation: Ô-liostére


1. 1 2 3 2
2. Daga Dit Gouda
3. 2 Virgule 4
4. MMM
5. 8 plus 7
6. Polymorphisme
7. RER
8. Triades

Listen to: the entire album.

License Progressive jazz frolicking on melodic polyrhythms by Oliostere for your project.
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Release date: 05/01/2015
Oliostere lives in Bagneux France

Tagged as: Jazz, Funk, Instrumental Jazz, Electric Guitar

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