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L'Insulaire by Justin St-Pierre Sports football betting appJustin St-Pierre : L'Insulaire.
Acoustic percusive guitar.

Justin St-Pierre released The Insular in late 2015. Essentially composed in Montreal, it has been finished in New Caledonia, a small pacific island, dreamed land on the other side of the world.

The Insular is the artist's third album, after Rafiot (2009) and La Faille (2012). For a year now, Justin St-Pierre has been traveling the world, looking for inspiration and multicultural sharings. His music is an invitation to travel, inspired by the feelings and the places he came across over time. Full of emotions, the instrumental pieces have to be listened to with attention, because they touch the heart and soul in such subtle ways. Let yourself go...


1. L'Ile-Justin St
2. Niveau 4-Justin St
3. Promontoire-Justin St
4. Trier-Justin St
5. Libre Penseur-Justin St
6. Insulaire 1-Justin St
7. Kanaky-Justin St
8. Vernissage a 84-Justin St
9. Sublimation-Justin St
10. Goodbye-Justin St

Listen to: the entire album.

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Release date: 11/6/2018
Justin St-Pierre lives in Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac QC Canada

Tagged as: Alt Rock, Instrumental Rock, Acoustic Guitar, Daydreaming, Folk

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